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Pouliot Mint Oil

Pouliot Mint Oil

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🌿 Immerse yourself in the revitalizing freshness of our Pouliot Mint Oil 🌿

🌟 Pennyroyal oil, a refreshing plant treasure, has been known for centuries for its toning, purifying and invigorating properties, offering a breath of freshness to the skin and senses.

💧 Our Pouliot Mint Oil is extracted from the leaves of this aromatic plant, carefully harvested in green gardens, then delicately distilled to preserve all the aromatic vivacity and precious benefits of mint.

✨ Rich in menthol, menthone and antiseptic compounds, our Pouliot Mint Oil offers a multitude of benefits for your skin:

Instant freshness : Stimulates and tones the skin, restoring vitality and radiance for a fresh and revitalized complexion upon application.

Deep purification : Deeply cleanses clogged pores, eliminates impurities and toxins, and regulates excess sebum for clear, purified skin.

Soothing and relief : Relieves itching, irritation and skin inflammation, soothes redness and sunburn for soothed and comforted skin.

Toning effect : Stimulates blood circulation, firms skin tissues, and reduces signs of fatigue and stress for toned skin full of vitality.

🌿 Integrate our Pouliot Mint Oil into your daily care routine and let yourself be invaded by the invigorating freshness of mint, for purified, toned and healthy-looking skin.

✅ 100% pure and natural

✅ Delicate distillation of pennyroyal mint leaves

✅ Certified organic

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